Our Newly-Researched Products

1. General Purpose Herbal Tea (GP6)

2. Automatic Immune Booster

3. Odum Egwu Herbal Vaccine

4. General Purpose Herbal Tea (GP10)

5. General Purpose Herbal Tea (GP16) Trado-Medical

6. General Purpose (GP16) Spiritual

7. GP30 Total Eradication General Purpose Herbal Mixture

8. Odum Egwu Herbal Mixture - GP 60 Herbal Climax

9. Odum Egwu Herbal Tea - De Ultimate


General Purpose Herbal Tea (GP6)

With this tea, all the symptoms of HIV/AIDS (and the symptoms of staphylococcus and other STD's, diabetes, etc) will disappear in 3 days and the commencement and application of the virus attacker will be for 5 days after which the patient will wait for 30 days. In these 30 days, blood purifier will be administered, bone marrow and human cells treatment will be administered and the restoration of lost weight will be administered after which the patient goes back to test.

Automatic Immune Booster

Within 5 days, whether your CD4 count came down to 30, taking this tea for 5 days will repair, raise and boost the immune system to start working. When the immune system is working perfectly, then you would not easily contract infections. People are surprised because when the immune system is boosted they go back to their job within 7 days. A big army officer who has been on drugs for more than 10 years and unable to undergo rigorous training testified to his own amazement that within 6 days, he was able to go back to training and running after taking our Newly-Researched Immune Booster.

Special Emphasis: There is no fluctuations. The viral load depreciates to undetected levels and leaves the system while the CD4 goes up and stays up.

Odum Egwu Herbal Vaccine

This is the need of the whole world but you must first be free from STD's and related infections before taking the immunity against virus.

IIt would boost your immune system from whichever state it was, whether low or high. It has a very strong anti-biotics against retro virus, bacteria and others for 6 years and then the immunization will be repeated.

It immunizes your immune system and human cells to a very high level to resist virus and bacteria.

P.S. Within seven days from when people start taking Odum Egwu Herbal Tea, they recover from opportunistic diseases as their immune system is boosted. Many people are down for 30 years, 20 years and 10 years because of STD's even though they were on drugs, but with Odum Egwu GP6, they are getting up!

By the reason best known to them, they do not want to come out or testify openly what Odum Egwu Herbal Tea has done for them. With Odum Egwu Virus, Bacteria, and Germs destroyer, we expel virus, bacteria and germs from the system that with time the patients will be tested negative again.

Odum Egwu Herbal Tea is the World's No. 1 Tested and Trusted Herbal Tea that cures HIV/AIDS, Staph, STD's and other infectious diseases.

The Revelation For Global Healing given to Pastor Robinson Ike in1988 has turned to be the Hope of The Whole World!


This is a progressive research on the cure of HIV/AIDS and STD's.

These formulars take care of these symptoms: persistent fever, tuberculosis (TB), Diarrhoea, weakness and body pains, dizziness, itchings in the private parts, rashes, boils, weak erection, quick ejaculation, infertility, dead organs, irregular blood sugar levels, insulin, constant headaches, excessive urination, high bood pressure, arthrities, rheumatism, miscarriages, fibroid special treatment, barreness, etc.