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Method of Treatment

1) Counselling of The Patient.

Introducing the healer Jesus Christ and Prayers. The Lord gave me a special anointing for healing. When I am praying, God reveals more things about the victims.

2) Medical Investigation.

Investigations on the symptoms, lab test i.e. CD 4 count, viral load, the retro -viral status (stages 1-4). Then we interview the patient about the symptoms he or she is having.

3) In some cases we mix the herbal medicine according to personal problems.
NB: We have a herbal dictator which detects HIV, staphylococcus & diabetes.

We conduct our analysis with urine just within 30 minutes.

The first treatment is for 5 days. Within 3 days the patient will improve because we have Automatic Immune Booster and a serious antibiotic that breaks down viral loads and virus, and raise up CD 4 counts.

After the first treatment and interview, then the second will commence until the patient recovers within one month.

Some people took once and recovered without completing the whole dosage, some twice, while others took trice while

others took trice and I gave four times to many which is the full dosage. They have gone back to their jobs restored.

I have told many to start their test all over just to celebrate their freedom from HIV\AIDS, staph, iabetes and other ailments.

But patients on anti-retro viral drugs take it twice daily and have quick recovery.

While taking Odum Egwu, other herbal medicine will be taken. For children below 12 years and pregnant women, please call us for directions.

Odum Egwu Herbal Tea is the best of its kind in the world.

There is a special immunity to those that are free. When you take it for the next six years no virus, bacteria or infection from S.T.D.'s will enter your system.