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General Purpose Herbal Tea (GP16) Trado-Medical

GP16 is our 2013 Product Update and Release that succeeds GP10 in all performances. If features instant release, instant recovery, and flusher.

By using this tea, all virus and viral load would subside, many symptoms would vanish including Staphylococcus, HIV & AIDS.

GP16 is twice as powerful. 

Contents Include:HIV AIDS, STD's cure and treatment Lagos, Nigeria

1. Automatic Immune Booster

2. Blood Purifier

3. Bone Marrow Treatment

4. Virus Flusher

5. Bacteria Flusher

6. Restoration of Lost Weight

7. Vitamin and Protein Nutrient


  • Perfect Cure Treatment
  • Flusher for HIV, Staphylococcus, Syphilis, Acute Gonorrhea and all sexual infections
  • Best to cure Diabetes, Hepatitis, Ulcer, High Blood Pressure
  • Eliminates Kidney Problems, Heart Failure and Liver Problems
  • Heals Infetility and cures Cancer
  • Good for old people as it heals Arthritis, Rheumatism, Weakness, etc
  • Good for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and the youth
  • GP16 is a General Purpose Herbal Tea, it has no side effects
  • It can be used with anti-retroviral therapies.


Many people from all over the world are celebrating their perfect health, if you have tried many other options, if the doctor has written you off, please try Odumegwu Herbal Tea GP16. However bad is the case, you would recover. This is a Revelation God gave to Pastor Robinson Ike.

NB: This is a progressive revelation of God's healing power among men. Remember in all these things, I still give God the glory for He owns the inspiration. We accord him all the glory and praises in Jesus name, Amen.