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Our Newly-Researched Products

General Purpose Herbal Tea (GP10)

This new Odum Egwu Herbal Tea GP10 2012 is stronger and has more efficacies than GP6. It does not matter the level of dangerous sicknesses like HIV/AIDS (1-4), Millions of Viral Load, CD4 count 30, Cancer, Staphylococcus etc. Odumegwu Herbal Tea  GP10 instantly boosts your immune system, purifies your blood, eradicates virus, kills bacteria and germs, grants restorations and flushes out diseases according to your system.

Since about six years in full operation we have not lost a submissive patient.

I am now more qualified to be Jesus herbal scientist.

HIV AIDS, STD's cure and treatment Lagos, NigeriaNigerians welcome my new researched and tested product (GP10) General Purpose Herbal Tea with features as follows:

  1. Instant Release
  2. Instant Recovery
  3. Flushes Out Without Any Side Effects.

This healing tea is more than roots, leaves, shell, natural things but it is full of God’s herbal mysteries. In fact after the productions I became more afraid of God. The most exciting features include:

  1. The release from death. Gradual recovery and flush out of all virus, germs, sickness, and diseases from the system.
  2. Boost of the immune system, purifies your blood, treats your bone marrow, restores your lost weight, and kills germs, virus and bacterial with all the symptoms.
  3. Cure to diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, HIV/AIDS staphylococcus, syphilis, acute gonorrhea, STDs, TB, asthma etc. with their entire symptom.
  4. Relief from headaches, fever, joint pains (both waist pain and lower abdominal pain), noisy stomach, movement in the body ,hotness of the body, itching, urinary track diseases, white discharges, urinating blood, diarrhea, tuberculosis, ulcer, cancer, mouth odour, rashes, scratches, weakness, high level of sugar in the blood and no insulin.


Best because GP10 first of all purifies their blood, kills germs, bacteria, virus and others. It instantly heals old people’s sicknesses like: high BP, arthritis, diabetes, general body weakness, headaches, fever, rheumatism. It also boosts their immune system, regulates the level of sugar in the blood, makes body insulin, cleanses their old body tissues, purifies them and restores them back to their youthful age.

NB: GP10 removes weak erection and cures all manner of sicknesses and diseases most especially STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), diabetes and fibroid and stops white & yellow discharges, etc.  

This is God’s doing. Pregnant women have their dosage including nursing mothers. From 12yrs down to 6months have their GP10 instant release, instant restoration and flush out.    

All that GP6 did, GP10 does trice!