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Odum Egwu Herbal Mixture - GP 60 Herbal Climax

Cure for Epilepsy, Convulsion, Leprosy, Madness, AIDS, Cancer, Ulcer, Hepatitis B, Diabetes, Stroke, Fibroid, Infertility, Barrenness, Critical Cases, etc.

These are the symptoms GP60 work against:

  • Body pains
  • Cold
  • Stooling and vomiting discharges
  • Insomnia
  • Amnesia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of weight
  • Loss of libido
  • Watery sperm
  • Weak Erection
  • Miscarriage
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Itchings
  • Movement in the body
  • Noisy stomach
  • Sharp pains at the two side ribs
  • Body odour
  • Weakness  
  • Constant drinking and urination (white, yellow, pink urine)
  • Rashes, etc.




Components of GP60 Total Eradication General Purpose Herbal Mixture include:

  • Odum Egwu Bitters
  • Herbal nutrient boost
  • Junk cleanser/restoration
  • Immune builder and booster
  • Ultimate blood purifier
  • Virus eradicators
  • Bacteria and germs killer
  • Flusher – bone marrow therapy
  • Restoration of lost weight

NB: All the glory is given to the Almighty God who gives me the progressive revelations. I have a plant that deals with bacterial diseases in the blood which no scientist, pharmacist or doctor have or knows.

One Matthew from New York City who lied down for 10 years though on Anti-Retro Viral (A.V.R.) because of HIV AIDS just took our General Purpose Herbal Tea for only six days, he recovered and went back to work.

One Army officer that lost his wife to this deadly disease called HIV took my herbal tea for just six days. He called me from Kaduna and said, “for six years I could not get myself although I was on A.V.R., but now I can join officers on Monday to run.”

No matter the sickness you need this product for quick recovery.