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About Pastor Robinson Ike

HIV AIDS, STD's cure and treatment Lagos, NigeriaPastor Robinson Ike hails from Anambra State in Aniocha Local Government Area. He was born 54 years ago. Mr. Ike had his primary education at St. Judges Anglican Primary School and attended Technical Institute in Enugu State where he qualified as Public Address Assemble Technician .With his establishment he was known as Super Sound International in the early 80’s still in Enugu, but he had a serious problem that landed him in prison. There he had an encounter with Jesus Christ. In the same 80’s he was released but this time as a man of God with fire in his bones. He was anointed by God in the prison as a prophet, with a message to “go and set the captives free”.

For training he went to ZOE Bible Institute in Umunze in Anambra State. Now he is a senior Pastor of Glory Celebration Assembly.

In 1988, when he graduated from the Bible school around November, God gave him the vision of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) cure in a Dream.

His Vision of the Herb

Mr. Ike's Vision and ability to cure with Herbs began in 1988 at a Maternity Home owned by his sister, Abigail. He visited the maternity home on a regular basis to assist the patients with prayers. God later revealed to him in a Dream the Vision to heal with natural herbs. God showed him a plant which today has turned out to be the most sought after herb named "Odum Egwu". Initially, he was discouraged by the nurses at the maternity home but in 2005, his dream of proffering cure for ailments with herbs was realized. He applied the herbs on a sick patient at the General Hospital and after 21 days, the patient went for a test of her immune system and it was about 300 Cd4 count! The efficacy of his herbs was confirmed by a reconfirmation test of the medical state of the patient: the CD4 count rose to 600 CD 4 count!

Mr. Ike embarked on a research on the HIV/AIDS management and he was not only able to manage HIV/AIDS with his herbs but have been able to cure the deadly syndrome with the herb called "Odum Egwu" meaning "The Fear of The Lion".